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PurStone is a remarkable flooring that mimics real stone and more - National home and living

Flooring America retail stores offer PurSTONE(TM), an engineered stone floor that provides the tough integrity of genuine stone, but with easy care and comfort. Shown here is PurSTONE Travertine.

Home and Living received some samples from Flooring America on an exciting new product. PurSTONE is an engineered composite product that mimics real stone.

PurStone is a remarkable flooring option for easy-care floors

Courtesy of Flooring America

The manufacturers say it is great for high-traffic areas in the home that take a lot of wear and tear. I would love to see it in a foyer. It is made specifically from limestone.

"I would love to see it in a foyer."

The material very much resembles high-end expensive natural stone. Some of the tiles look like slate, travertine, marble, concrete and linen. We're told that this product can be installed over many existing floors which would really be a godsend for renovations. There are larger panels for wall installations and even products for outdoor use.

If you like the idea of ceramic but want more comfort under foot, this product is better. In addition, real stone tiles or marble usually call for finishing--a top coat that protects the natural stone from stains.

We were able to pose some questions about PurSTONE, see the answers below:

Q.: How does this product compare to using actual stone or marble for floors?

A.: PurSTONE has many advantages over natural stone floors. PurSTONE does not require sealing or the special maintenance of natural stone and uses a non-porous, non-staining grout. The product offers the look and design options of natural stone at a fraction of the cost and installation time. This product is also warmer and more comfortable to live on than a natural stone floor.

Q.: Can you speak to the installation? For example, what type of surface is needed and should a homeowner have it professionally done and by whom?

A.: PurSTONE can be installed directly over many existing hardsurface floors with minor floor prep. If the existing surface is not suitable, it only requires a plywood underlayment subfloor or concrete floor upon removal of the existing floor. Natural stone installation requires the removal of the existing floor and the installation of concrete board for a subfloor. This drives the cost and time required for installation up dramatically.

Installation of PurSTONE is typically done by installation professionals. This is especially true in a grouted installation or if any patterns are desired. Homeowners with experience in flooring installation projects could install the project but it does require a level of installation expertise for a proper installation.

Q.: What are the care requirements of this type of flooring?

A.: PurSTONE has a durable, protective aluminum oxide wear layer coupled with non-porous and non-staining grout. This eliminates the need for sealing of the stone and the grout. The regular maintenance for this product is similar to other resilient products such as Luxury Vinyl Tile(LVT) and Sheet Vinyl.

Q.: How do the costs factor into the typical homeowners budget?

A.: The cost for PurSTONE is slightly higher than that of a typical Luxury Vinyl Tile product. However for a homeowner who wants the look of real stone, the cost is much lower than that of a natural stone.

Q.: The colors and textures are amazing, how is this processed?

A.: The stone appearance comes from a film that is laminated on the limestone substrate. The film is then covered with an Aluminum Oxide wear layer that provides the durability of the surface.

Q.: Is there anything else you would like to tell Home and Living Readers?

A.: PurSTONE is a family-friendly product because it can withstand the wear and tear of kids and pets.

You just have to visit the slideshow to see the best examples of flooring style.

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